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  • Ruby on Rails web apps
  • Customised CMS
  • Cloud / SaaS Integration
  • Automated Testing
  • You’re probably no stranger to Ruby on Rails, but in case you are: it's a web framework aimed at programmer productivity and happiness. Favoured by many successful Silicon Valley startups such as GitHub and Shopify.

    We love to work with Ruby on Rails and have built up substantial experience from many projects starting from early 2007. Solving many problems along the way.

    Along with Rails, we believe in Agile: regular sprints managed by Trello and well-tested code orchestrated by Jenkins CI.

    Getting something working is only one part of a successful project…well-crafted and tested code is just as important. Together helping to keep maintenance costs low and ensuring a solid foundation for future development.

    Recent Project: Findaport.com

  • WordPress and Drupal may be the most popular CMS for the masses, but that doesn’t make them suitable for all - especially not for well-informed businesses.

    As a business going places, you need a CMS solution that is tailor-made, along with an easy-to-use backend. Making it easy and intuitive for your staff to use. You can’t get that with WordPress.

    How it looks matters too. We specialise in integrating from thousands of top-quality themes from ThemeFrost or CreativeMarket.com, followed by expert design tweaks. Making it look just right for your audience.

    But the beauty is really the cost - being much more economical than you might think.

    Because LocomotiveCMS allows for most of the functionality to be developed without touching code - by essentially manipulating configuration files - we can develop your custom CMS solution faster. Passing that time saving onto you as cost savings.

  • Businesses are going into the Cloud by using a plethora of SaaS apps, one for every conceivable business operation: from accounting, project management to sales. Whatever your business need - there’s a SaaS app for that.

    With all that information in different SaaS apps, there’s an essential need for communication between them. Zapier has done a good job of lowering the cost of SaaS integration, but there are many apps or operations not supported. And they're unlikely to be in the near future. Besides - who can afford to wait?

    That’s where we come in.

    We help you to setup Zapier integrations across your SaaS apps. This may mean using Zapier’s existing integrations. But most often, it means doing custom integrations.

    Internally at ZenPow, we’re linking together FogBugz, Trello, Harvest and oDesk. Saving hours of tedious, slow and error-prone manual data entry. Enabling for higher productivity.

    Let us help you get the most from your Cloud / SaaS investment by linking them together with seamless integration. Contact us below for more info.

  • Ensuring your web app works on multiple OS and browsers is massively important, so that all(or vast majority) of your users get the user experience you had designed for.

    Doing manual testing with a team of QA is expensive and time consuming, and frankly, unnecessary.

    With Selenium, automated tests can be written that mimics user behaviour. Text or visual confirmations can be made to ensure your web app is performing as expected.

    We use BrowserStack or SauceLabs to run Selenium tests on multiple platforms, may that be Windows, Mac or even Linux.

    Get in touch for more information on our automated testing services.

We're proud to have worked with the following companies and organisations

Averma Consulting Shipping Guides LTD Startup Weekend China Peak Hash
  • "Where Zac and the team at ZenPow really excel are at providing tailor made web apps. They were highly agile with new features implemented in hours and not weeks. "

    Aaron Tchirhart - PeakHash.com
  • "ZenPow have provided Averma a full and professional service for several years, technical support has been quick to respond to our client's changing needs and address any issues that have occurred. The team is friendly and knowledgeable, we feel very confident ZenPow is the partner we need for delivering technical projects."

    Joe Lam - Averma Consulting

Our Team

Zac Zheng
Zac Zheng
Coding since his teens and using Ruby since 2007, he's all too familiar with web development.
Outside of coding and managing web projects, he likes attending Toastmasters and playing badminton.

You Zhou
You Zhou
Graduate of UESTC and our resident code geek - in Ruby and computer security.
In his spare time, he likes to read books that matter and hatching plans for a widely popular Open Source project.

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